The structure of NFPL token distribution

The NiftyPlanet platform is a semi self-funded platform. Half of the funds for the development and platform launch were provided by a few pre-seed investors.

Total token supply is 1 billion tokens.

There are 10 pre-seed investors of this project. In total they control 83M tokens. Additionally, they own 29% interest in the project.

2 main Founders control 8% of all token supply (80M tokens).

Tokens have been distributed to 2 founders, 2 team members and 10 pre-seed investors.

Before we hold our IDO which is planned for June 2021, founders’ and pre-seed investors’ tokens will not move at all. The main reason we are doing this is because we believe that people who participate in IDO’s should have a guarantee that the team and investors will not sell all of their tokens all at once before the IDO starts.

In the graphic you can see the entity structure of token allocation with exact ETH addresses. Until the end of the actual IDO, there will be no NFPL transactions originating from project or investor wallets.

Founder 1 (4.00%)


Founder 2 (4.00%)


Pre-seed investor 1 (2.00%)


Pre-seed investor 2 (1.15%)


Pre-seed investor 3 (0.60%)


Pre-seed investor 4 (0.55%)


Pre-seed investor 5 (0.40%)


Pre-seed investor 6 (0.40%)


Pre-seed investor 7 (0.40%)


Pre-seed investor 8 (0.40%)

These tokens will be distributed after IDO

Pre-seed investor 9 (0.40%)


Pre-seed investor 10 (2.00%)


Core team member 11 (1%)


Core team member 12 (1%)


Marketing (10.00%)


Main address with rest of the NFPL tokens (81.70%)




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